July 15, 2007
An ambassador changes his Audi for Trabant. 

A hundred “soap-boxes” captured the car lovers’ eyes.
An original black metallic arouse the interest of the gathered crowd.
Fens of the German “soap-boxes’ gathered in from of the temple-monument the Church of “St. Alexander Nevski” in Sofia, in order to honor the fifty-year celebration of existence of those cars since being produced.
The procession was organized by the Bulgarian Association of Strange and Classic Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles” and the “Trabant” Club. The Ambassador of the
Federal Republic of Germany, Michael Gaier, came especially for the fiftieth anniversary of those German automobiles. He came in a grey “Audi”, together with his
wife. Herr Geier thought about buying a “Trabant”, when retiring, to drive round with it.

“Standard” Newspaper


July 14, 2007
Trabants conquer the Sofia streets

In the quiet Saturday morning, loud engines split the silence around the “St. Alexander Nevski” Cathedral. The lovers of the “Trabant” make have gathered, in order to demonstrate their care and love to their cars. 

The Trabant, affectedly called “Trabi”, was ceased to be manufactured in 1991. In spite of this, this is an emblematic car, having its admirers all over Europe. On this date, exactly 50 years have passed since producing the first such a car in the “SACHZENRING Automobil Werke” Works in the town of Zwikau, the former German Democratic Republic. 

Most of the Trabant owners of drive their cars across the city and every day go to work with them. However, some of them keep their cars for the sake of enjoyment, and do not drive the cars, as Lyubenov, an owner of black polished Trabant, expresses himself. “I gave some 1500 BGN for painting of my car, I don’t remember how much more I have paid for head-lights, for other parts. This is a passion”, he tells about. Lyubenov asserts that he orders all of the pats directly from Germany and the he respects the originality of such parts.