CADILLAC Fleetwood Sixty Special 1961 10,000 BGN

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CADILLAC Fleetwood Sixty Special – 1961

Te “Flagman” of Cadillac 1961 is standing before you.
This is exclusively rare car in Europe, considering that some 15 500 in number cars were manufactured – out of these – hardly 2 500 in number of the “Fleetwood” series.
What is typical for this car is that everything in its is electric driven (windows, seats, etc.)
The motor vehicle has a strict and aristocratic style – American style, of the 60thies.
Its view from outside is a “joy for the eyes”, emanating light and aristocratism, thanks to the great number of chroma-plated details.

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Year of manufacturing: 1961
Number of cylinders: V8
Cubic cm (ccm): 6.4
Horsepowers (hp) 325
Length: 5.64 m
Width: 2.10 m
Number of manufactured vehicles: 15.500