More about me

Dear visitors, here is the place to write down something about me, but I don’t find myself of being so publicly important for occupying your attention with my personality.
I would like to use the opportunity to thank all my partners, who have always been standing behind me, and have been turning my “ideas being eccentric on the surface” in reality!
This cost us much hard working and nerves, but yet our team succeeded to make something over those years.
I would like to tell “Tank you” to:
Stoil Aleksov, Zahari Zahariev, Anton Trenev, Nikolay Genov, Nikolay Yahov, Margarit Karaburov, Nikolay Mladinov, Lyudmil Markov, Plamen Lyubenov.
I also would like to express my gratitude to my wife Boryana Lyubenova, who had the concept for the design of the Trabant make.
Here is the place to mention a person, who I will not mention for ethical reasons, a splendid professional, unfortunately negligent and indifferent individual not showing respect to people, and who managed to cause a number of problems and made me forgetting his name!
The good part of the story is that that person did not succeeded in suppressing my enthusiasm and preventing me from restoring the motor vehicles, which I have the pleasure to present to your attention today.

I wish you much health and personal happiness, and let everybody protects his/her individuality.

Be different and creative!